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Supply Lists

2 Box of 24 Crayola Crayons
36 #2 Ticonderoga Pencils
1 Pencil pouch
3 yellow highlighters
3 Pink erasers
Crayola 8 watercolor paint set
6 Elmer's Washable Large WHITE glue sticks  
8 thick Black EXPO dry erase Whiteboard Markers
1 pocket folder
3 packs of sticky notes
1 primary composition notebook with picture spot
1 inch width 3-ring WHITE binder 
1 box of non-latex Band Aids
Standard headphones (no earbuds) label please!
Please do not label school supplies with your student’s name, except for the headphones and white binder. We share our supplies!
Please do not buy school supplies with characters or designs! 


$20 per student please


Teachers will buy supplies




1 set Headphones for computer use
1 Box of 24 crayons
36 #2  Ticonderoga Pencils
1 large  Pink Erasers
8 Black EXPO low odor dry erase whiteboard markers(4 thick & 4 thin)
3 Sticky note pads (3x3)
3 Composition Books
1 package notebook paper
2 yellow highlighter
1 package “Elmer's Washable Glue” sticks in White
2 Red Pens
2 Blue pens
each red, blue and yellow pocket folder(no designs/characters please)
1 pair children’s round tip scissors
1 box of non-latex Band Aids
2 Large boxes of snack items; graham crackers, Goldfish crackers, etc.
Please don't label supplies.  We share!


2 boxes Ticonderoga pencils

1 small pencil sharpener

1 box colored markers

1 box of crayons

3 pink erasers

1 pair students scissors

2 college ruled spiral notebooks

2 packages college ruled notebook paper

1 pencil box

1 spiral 3 Subject Notebook

1 ruler

2 solid colored pocket folders

1 box of oil pastels (opt.)

1 pack of glue sticks

1 pack of EXPO markers

1 box of colored pencils 

1 box of non-latex Band Aids

$10 for snacks

$10 for Student Planner 

1 pair of headphones or earbuds 



48 #2 TICONDEROGA Pencils
2 composition notebook 
3-Subject Spiral Notebook
1 pack of lined loose leaf paper
4  pack EXPO low odor black fine tip dry erase markers
1 Set of 24 colored pencils
1 set of 8 colored markers
3 pack of pink erasers
1 6-pack Glue Sticks

Headphones for Chromebook use

Snacks (2 BIG boxes - Goldfish, Graham crackers, Ritz crackers, pretzels, fruit snacks, etc.)
or $10 snack fee (snacks can come in later in the year if needed)

Please do not label school supplies with your student's name, except for the headphones.  We share our supplies!


1 pair student headphones for computer use to be kept at school
20 #2 Ticonderoga  (Only)Pencils
2 Pink Erasers
2 Small pencil sharpener that holds shavings
1 Pair scissors
1 Box colored pencils 
4 Glue sticks
3 Highlighter pens (Variety of Colors)
1 Black & white composition notebook  
1 Composition graph paper notebook      1 Black sharpie (thin)
1 Black sharpie (thick)
4 package of Post-it Notes
1 Pencil Box or pouch
3 two-pocket PLASTIC folders WITHOUT fasteners
1 package 5x8 index cards (lined)
1 box non-latex Band-Aids
2 red correcting pens
College lined spiral notebook
$5 for school planner
2 larges boxes of snacks or $10