School Supply Lists

2017-18 School Supplies List
Posted on 07/06/2017
Please see appropriate grade for list.
1 Box of 24 Crayola Crayons
12 Pack Papermate Flair felt black pens
1 Box Colored Pencils
3 Pink erasers
1 Pair solid color student scissors  
5 Permanente Large Glue sticks
5 Black EXPO dry erase whiteboard markers  
1 Ream of white copy paper
1 WIDE rule Black Composition Notebook  
2 WIDE rule spiral notebook 70 count—SOLID COLOR (no designs/characters)
1 inch width three ring WHITE binder
2 Containers of baby wipes
1 Box gallon zipper bags (Boys)
1 Box quart size zipper bags (Girls)
2 Large box of snack items: Graham crackers, Fish crackers
Standard headphones (no earbuds) label please!
Please do not label school supplies with your student’s name, except for the headphones. We share our supplies!
Please do not buy school supplies with characters or designs! 


1 pair student headphones for computer use

36 #2 Ticonderoga Pencils
1  handheld pencil sharpener
2 Pink Erasers
1 Box of 24 crayons
4 each Black EXPO low odor, THIN tip dry erase whiteboard markers Fat tip dry erase whiteboard markers
1 Package colored markers or colored pencils
4-8 Glue sticks
1 ream of white Copy Paper
2 Wide ruled spiral notebooks 70 Count
3 paper pocket folders (Red, Yellow, Blue)
1 Plastic pocket folder
1 Plastic Pencil box
2 Black & white composition notebook
2 Large box tissue
1 Bottle hand sanitizer

1 set Headphones for computer use
1 Box of 24 crayons
36 #2  Ticonderoga Pencils
1 large  Pink Erasers
8 Black EXPO low odor dry erase whiteboard markers(4 fat-4 thin)
3 Sticky note pads (3x3)
3 Composition Books
1 package notebook paper
1 Container of baby wipes
1 yellow highlighter
1 package “Elmers Washable Glue” sticks in White
2 Red Pens
2 Blue pens
1 Box Kleenex/Tissue
1 each red, blue and yellow pocket folder
1 pair children’s round tip scissors


1 ream white computer (copy) paper 

Ziplock Bags Last Name A-L Quart size
                      Last Name M-Z Gallon Size

Baby Wipes
Additional Kleenex/Tissues

1 Small pencil sharpener
1 Box colored markers
1 Pink eraser
1 Pair student scissors
2 red correcting pens or pencils
2 College ruled spiral notebooks
2 Packages college ruled notebook paper
1 Package graph paper (cm grid)
1 Ream of white copy paper
2 solid colored pocket folders
1 Large box of facial tissue
1 bottle of liquid glue 
1 pack of glue sticks
1 Bottle of hand sanitizer
1 pair of headphones or earbuds that can be left at school
1 Pencil Box
$10.00 Snack Donation or 2 large boxes of crackers (nut- free)
$5.00 for Student Planner
1 Box non-latex bandaids
48 #2 TICONDEROGA Pencils
1 3-Subject Spiral Notebook
1 Wide ruled spiral notebook 70 Count
1 Package colored markers 
1-4 pack EXPO low odor,chisel tip dry erase markers
1 Set of 12 or more colored pencils
1 Erasers Regular (package of 3) or pencil top- 1 package 
1 6-pack Glue Sticks
1 ream white computer (copy) paper

Ziploc Bags: Last Name A-L Quart size
                     Last Name M-Z Gallon Size
2 boxes Kleenex/Tissues
2 Bottles Hand Sanitizer
2 Big Boxes Snacks-Fish , Pretzels, Graham or Animal crackers
Headphones for computer use


1 pair student headphones for computer use
60 #2 Ticonderoga  (Only)Pencils
3 Pink Erasers
1 Small pencil sharpener that holds shavings
1 Pair scissors
1 Box colored pencils - 
1 Ream white copy paper
2 Glue sticks
4 Highlighter pens (Variety of Colors)
4 Black & white composition notebook          
4 Boxes of Tissue
3 package of Post-it Notes
1 Pencil Box
3 two-pocket PLASTIC folders WITHOUT fasteners
1 package 5x8 index cards (lined)
A-F: Band-Aids             
G-L: Large Zip-lock bags
M-Q: SMALL Zip-lock bags
R-Z: Hand Sanitizer
$10.00 for  Daily Planner & 3 Subject Notebooks
Outdoor School at Islandwood $140.00

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