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Pick up and drop off

Please follow the parent pick up/drop off locations and routines so we can keep students and families safe!

Cedar Valley pick up and drop off map

AM drop-off:

Parents who drop their students off in the morning will drive them up to the lower-level roundabout in the back of the school. At 8:20 a.m., doors will open, and students will have adult supervision in the drop-off space and will walk inside using the outside stairwell.

Please do not park in the upper parking lot; walk your child through the front door.

PM pick up:

You have two choices. Please choose one and try to remain consistent so we can keep your child safe and get them to the correct location.

  • Choice #1: Pick up your child using the drive-up line in the lower-level roundabout at the back of the school. Students will have adult supervision inside as they wait to be called to walk to their family waiting in their vehicle. 
  • Choice #2: Walkers or Parents parking and getting out of their car—Students who walk to school will be dismissed from the side door on the south face of the building. Families/Adults who pick up their children as walkers or walkers to a vehicle can walk to that door and escort them home or to their cars. This is indicated on the attached map and is the outside door by cluster 3 on the upper level.

Please do not park in the upper main parking lot. 

Early Pick-up:

Please continue to park in the main parking lot on the upper level and come to the office to sign your child out. Please make sure you have contacted the office or your child’s teacher the morning before an early pick-up so teaching and learning are not disrupted at the last minute.